The Heart of a Father--A must read
Red hot, burning, steamy passion

Part #2--My goals for telling my story

Let me be clear for my reasons in telling my story.  There are lots of youngsters who lack dads in some way, shape or form.  They're paying a price.  The consequences is that the cycle of bad parenting will probably continue with them. 

For families to grow and prosper, for the institution of marriage to be elevated, kids need their dads or dad figure. Something needs to be done.  I'm convinced that government should not be the doer in this case.  It needs to come from our communities and our churches.

I'm not looking for sympathy, maybe understanding for me and others.  I've been blessed beyond what I deserve.  I am happily married and I have great kids.  The cycle is broken with me.  I want to see it happen for others.

This is for the kids, for the dads who are struggling or who have pulled out of fathering and want to get back in and for the moms who are left trying to pick up the pieces.