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Preface--Tatum O'Neil and me

Presidential candidates ignore reality

Present a need to a politician and they'll try to fix it through a program. That was really evident in the last three presidential debates. Government can fix anything, take care of anybody. Hmmm... Do these guys really believe that?

I remember the 1964 candidate for president, U.S. Sen. Barry Goldwater. He knew the limits of government. The more government did, the less freedom we would have. And what government did, it would not do very well.

That's not what people want to hear. The needs out there are unending, but government can't fill them all.

I've been around state government all my life. It does few things well. There comes a time where people have to take responsibility for themselves. Families and churches need to belly up and take responsibility for each other. Unfortunately, we are not doing that. Lots of people are headed for big disappointment.