Part #2--My goals for telling my story
We sang this in prison

Red hot, burning, steamy passion

This summer at Promise Keepers in Indianapolis, Justin and I heard Erwin McManus, a young pastor from Los Angeles talk about the conference theme, Uprising--A Revolution of the Soul. It's easy to be distracted from the weight of somebody's words and not grab their import to your own life til later.

For me that was this morning. I'm taking a month off from work to ready myself for retirement from what has been my day job for a long time. At the kitchen table, I read McManus' words from page 5 of his book: "I am convinced in all of us there is a voice crying out, a confession waiting to be declared without shame, "I want to live!" Amen.

It's too easy to live life in neutral without being fully engaged.

I want to rekindle the passion in my life. And I'm not talking about sex. It's purpose, my purpose, something that I can burn for. My passion has been up and down. I want it to burn and to burn for Jesus Christ. He's the only thing that gives purpose to life.

I've either tried or seen a bunch of other stuff and it doesn't last. I'll report back.