Presidential candidates ignore reality
Part #1--My mother, a true hall of famer

Preface--Tatum O'Neil and me

I just saw an interview between Katie Couric and Tatum O'Neil on the Today Show about her new book, A Paper Life.  It recounts her life with a very famous father, Ryan O'Neil.  Her whole identity was affected by a dad who wasn't doing his job.  She's now sharing her struggles with that.

My sixth decade of life is almost within view and I still struggle with my father experience.  It has touched my whole identity.  Memories are getting more fuzzy, but it's still there.

My dad deserted my mom and I when I was 18 months old.  He never came back.  He married again in another state and had another family.  I found him and was totally rejected.

I've learned a ton.  Maybe other's who are in the same situation can learn from my experience.

I'd like to use this blog to help sort out an outline for a possible book.

Stay tuned.