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Mike Singletary's dad and lessons learned

Mike Singletary is a jock with class and with the right values.

I have a video tape of his testimony about his dad, how they were estranged and how they got back together after many years.  I've shown it inside of prison to our dad's group for the past several years.  The guys have responded to Mike's story.

Singletary's dad divorced his mom, leaving nine brothers and sisters.  This led to a pretty high wall between Mike, his siblings and his dad.  According to the story, after playing on a winning super bowl team, he found that there was still a big hole in his life.  It was left by his dad and what he did.

He called his dad and made a connection . . .

He had serious questions for his dad, one of which is why had he put his mom and siblings through the wringer.

His dad responded that he didn't have any guys, any friends to come alongside him and help him through the tough times.  His guy friends encouraged him to dump his wife and family. 

How many guys are in the same situation today?

If I faced major challenges that threatened my position as a husband or a dad, would my friends come along side me and pull me away from the edge of the cliff before I went over?

I often wonder about my father and his friends.  What did they say about how he dealt with the rough spots?  How did they respond to what he did?

Where were the church people?  The guys from church?  Did they care about my dad?