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Dave Hollister won't run for Lansing mayor

As a capital city, Lansing, Michigan is a real contrast to other states.  It's struggling to maintain its identity as a desirable place to live.  Downtown dies after dark.  Neighborhoods are struggling for lack of attention and it's job base hinges on manufacturing related to automobiles.  That's why the election for mayor this next year is so important.  Former mayor Dave Hollister says he won't run again, according to the Lansing State Journal.   He made . . .

...things happen.  He's an anomaly in that he's a liberal Democrat who was able to bring people together and the result was more jobs and a downtown that started to grow.  Then he became a director of a state department.  Political pundit Bill Ballenger describes the present mayor as a "vegetable."  That's harsh, but that's the perception.  The top guy in a city can make a real difference.  Lansing deserves better than it's getting right now.