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Raising minimum wage in Michigan

The Lansing State Journal this morning has a story about how the Dems in the Michigan House and Senate will make a big push to raise the minimum wage  in our state to $7.15 per hour.  That would make it one of the highest in the nation.  This is an old issue.

It's almost like it's scripted by the Dems and the Republicans.  The Dems trot it out once every two years, make some noise about it, the Republicans shoot at it and then it's put back in the drawer.  One result is that the Dems get some free media, the Republicans act like ogres and lacking compassion and that's it for that two year cycle. The whole issue of minimum wage jobs, who has them, how many there are and how much our economy depends on them needs to be addressed.  But, I'll bet you an Slim-A-Bear, it won't happen in this two-year-cycle.