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News media deserves some of blame in St. Clair County

Waking the Dead on cold Saturday a.m.

My pastor is calling all men in our congregation for a new 7:30 a.m. Saturday group on John Eldredge's book Waking the Dead.  I've committed to go and so has my son Justin.  PM, as my pastor is called, had his spiritual heart jumpstarted by Eldredge's writing and his guidebook that accompanies it.

Guys--actually, everybody--can get in a rut and live their day to day lives in a mechanical way that builds ruts and takes more than four-wheel drive to get out of.  I think his goal is to light some fires under the men in his church.

Here in Lansing, Michigan the temp is hovering at zero or below.  The only way that kind of weather is comfortable is when you watch it on television.  How many men will show up?  Will there be coffee there?  Those that come, will they come back a second time and will they read the book?  Stay tuned.