Shame on the Republicans
Governing magazine called it wrong

God is not a Republican or Democrat

Our governor just finished her third State of the State.  It seemed not especially inspiring.  The big thing was a proposal to spend $2 billion for a new jobs program.  Voters would have to approve it.  There wasn't much more.  It might have merit, just how much I'm not sure. But what impressed me, actually depressed me was the Republican response while she was delivering it.  She called for bi-partisanship, working together on common issues. 

Republicans sat there like Buddas with suits and ties.  They would oppose a great idea just because it came from a Democrat.  These guys still have to govern.  Both sides will try to get point and game over the other side, without concern about the merits of what's being considered.  Hmmm...

Term-limited lawmakers haven't been a good deal for Michigan. 

Our Reps and Senators have no vested interested in developing relationships with the other sides.  They can act the partisan fool with full knowledge that they have an end date in the near future.  The Great Lakes state deserves better. It makes me glad that I've retired from the Michigan Legislature. Michigan citizens need to demand accountability from the people who represent them.  And they need to get rid of term limits.