Ash Wednesday Service at church tonight
Part #6--Claude H. Thorp(e) factoids

I hope God's not teasing me

I left our men's group at church feeling pretty good this morning.  About 50 guys are being taken through John Eldredge's book Waking the Dead by Pastor David Maier.  I felt a unity of purpose among the guys there that I haven't seen before.

But, my concern is that I might be seeing something that's not there.  I'm seeing it because that's what I want to see and it doesn't reflect the reality. 

God seems to be telling me to stay tuned. 

My mind doesn't always grasp onto the messages of myths, stories and movies, like the Matrix and Lord of the Ring.  However, what I heard from Pastor Maier this morning is that as a believer in Jesus Christ, I need to turn my heart onto the reality of what he's given me and what he has in store for me.  Okay...

I understand that I have to move from a knowledge of the facts to making my personal relationship with Jesus part of my everyday life.  It's keeping my "eye on the ball." 

I really want to engage my relationship with God and I want to engage life the way God wants me to.  I really want to be part of an effort to kick some Satan butt.  Let's put a bullseye on Satan's back and go after him. 

It would be too easy to hang back because I have a fear that this is just another men's group at church.  The squeeze of the week, if you will.  I sense something's going on at Our Savior Lutheran Church.  It's a Holy Spirit thing.

If this is for real, I bet Satan is really trying to rip away at Pastor Maier.  He doesn't want to see this succeed.  It must there's just too much at stake.

I will pray for this effort.  I can't stop until it happens.