Part #6--Claude H. Thorp(e) factoids
Prison Fellowship seems to be MIA

Part #6 Follow-up--Why Am I Doing This?

Let me be clear about why I'm doing this:

  • I'm not off on some "woe is me" thing.  I really had it pretty good, compared to so many others.  I had a mom who showed me unconditional love.  And, I had some pretty nice aunts and uncles.
  • There's still a void there that's never been filled in a non-spiritual way.  I'd love to learn more about my father and his family.  Part of my identity has always been missing.
  • Dads who are out of the fathering game or on the fringes need to know that their kids will pay a price and so will their grandkids, their kids and on down the line.
  • Church people, believers, need to plug in to the lives of kids in this position and into the lives of the moms.
  • And, the moms and their kids need to see the utility of the Internet and blogs in finding information about the loved one who has bugged out.