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Part #6 Follow-up--Why Am I Doing This?

Part #6--Claude H. Thorp(e) factoids

I'm picking up my father story that I started a couple of months ago with various factoids that I picked up about him from my mother or on my own:

  • His name was Claude Herbert Thorp(e) and I believe he was born in Millerton, New York.
  • He had several brothers and sisters.  Only names I remember my mother talking about are Durward, Cyrus and Grant.
  • He was in the Merchant Marine during WWII and then joined the Navy to escape something.
  • He took off the "e" in Thorpe because of some legal problems in the Navy.
  • His first wife's name was Elsie and she lived in New York City.
  • My mom and my dad met while he was in the Navy and stationed on the East Coast someplace.
  • He had a tattoo on one of his arms.
  • He had, at least, two other sons, Claude Jr., Eugene and a daughter, Karen.
  • He had a pretty successful business in St. Paul, Minnesota, a construction company.
  • From there, he moved to Punta Gorda, Florida and from there to Gainesville, Florida.
  • He was an operator.