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Five Love Languages in the bathroom

Every so often I have to clean out my bathroom library and two items from that collection would have to go on my "highly recommended" list of books to read:

  • The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman:  This is a must read for anyone married or who is getting married and wants to stay that way.  Chapman points out that everybody processes and receives love in about five different ways.  If you don't hit the right love language for your beloved, then you risk their not feeling loved.  And, that can be the beginning of friction that often has an unhappy ending.
  • Family First by Dr. Phil McGraw:  In this book, TV's Dr. Phil shows that he has some depth and that he really values family.  He speaks from the experiential base of his family while he was growing up.  He provides clear help for anyone struggling with family issues or somebody who just wants a tune-up as a family member.  Again, this should be a must read.    Dr. Phil is more than a TV pretty face.