Maundy Thursday explained
Lansing State Journal needs an attitude check

My Easter Responsibility

It's Easter Day and I'm waiting for my wife to get out of the shower, so I can take one and then go to church. 

I'm trying to rekindle the true significance for me of what happened at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I could wring my hands over the fact that the Lansing State Journal which I just finished reading has absolutely nothing about this holiday.  Same for all the newspapers that are online.

I even listened to the Easter sermon of Pastor Ken Klaus of the Lutheran Hour over the Internet.  It seemed to be the same sermon I've heard most of my life on this day.  You can hear it so often that it blurs in your mind and your heart just hears blah, blah, blah.

Then, I remember a Christian musician that my son, Justin, turned me onto named Derek Webb.  Recorded at a live concert, he talks between songs about the importance of the Gospel which has as its centerpiece, the Resurrection.

Webb tells a story about how Martin Luther's congregation complained about him preaching the Gospel week after week.  They emphasized that they knew the story.  They wanted something different, something in addition to the same Gospel.

The way Derek Webb recounts it, Luther responded that he would continue preaching the Good News or Gospel until they started living like they had it in their heart.  I guess, I should say I know that I need to hear it again today in church.  I'm still working on getting the reality of the Gospel into my heart.

I know sin.  I sin and I've sinned from the day I took my first breath and will until I take my last.  I've felt the power of sin and Satan over my life.  But, then I hear about Jesus and what he did and I know that power has been broken.

For me, it's truly been a daily walk.  Step-by-step, I feel like my personal relationship with Jesus is growing and that the power of sin is weakening.  I also know that my life on earth is really short compared to the eternity that I will spend with Jesus in heaven. 

So, when I walk out of church, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, MI and after I've heard the sermon given by Pastor David Maier and after I've sang the songs and prayed, I want the truth of the Gospel to be even more real to me as I journey through the next phases of life heare on this earth.

Whatever happens, I know that Jesus will be with me step-by-step until I finally get to my real home with him.

I really need to hear that Gospel message today and I pray that my heart is open and that my worship is real.