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All churches should be multi-racial; yes or no?

This is a good topic to get a heated argument started.  It's almost like there's a black God and a white God.  There's black churches and white churches.  Hmmm...I've always seen something wrong with that and I'm white. 

It's really rankled me.  I live in a mixed neighborhood in Lansing, MI and there seems to be a real wall between the races.  And, this wall is especially high in the church.  It seems to be there on both sides.  Nobody is willing to break the ice.  Maybe, I shouldn't care.  It's not my problem, according to a lot of my friends.

I don't feel they're right.  It is my problem and theirs too.  Look at the current issue of Christianity Today, April 2005 and its cover story about All Churches Should Be Multiracial.

It previews a book, United By Faith, which shows how segregated churches are in this country and makes a case for why that should change.  And, then it has a story where a multi-racial panel of Christian pastors talks about it, including Bill Hybels of Willow Creek.

Getting people to talk about this is another story.  It's easier to talk about erectile dysfunction.  But, it's still a topic that needs to be put on the table and sorted out, especially among the local Christian churches, both black and white.