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Buying Business Week blog cover at Lansing's Barnes and Noble

Today after church, my wife and I ate lunch at the Panera Bread at the Lansing (MI) Mall, a usual post-church stop for their u-pick two of soup and/or a half salad and then on to Barnes and Noble for a look at what's new on the shelves.

That's when I put out five bucks--actually $4.95--for a copy of this past week's Business Week with the cover story package about blogs. I'm anxious to read it.  Are they fads or are they here to stay, a new communication channel?

More and more, blogs seem like they are here to stay, get bigger and more prominent.  Right now, they are the new kids on the communication frontier. 

I have seen their power and I've seen how they can shorten the distance between you and people you are trying to reach with your message. 

I'll report back after I've read the stories.