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I forgot about our wedding verse

Before we got married, my wife and I spent some time picking out a wedding text, a verse or verses from the Bible that had special meaning for us.  We had some serious discussion about this.  We went through every verse we memorized, through those special verses from Christmas program and even our Confirmation verses.

We settled on two verses from Romans 1 which summarized our relationship and we hoped our soon-to-be marriage.  It was verses 11 and 12 where Paul tells the Roman believers that he was looking forward to visiting with them and being an encouragement to their faith, but then he added something else.  Their faith would be an encouragement to him. 

The pastor who married us, Rev. Leslie Tyvela of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, MI, preached  our wedding sermon on those two verses.  It was really special.  I still remember it.

And my wife of almost 24 years has always been an encouragement to my faith in Jesus Christ.  I've been up and I've been down.  She's encouraged me.  I've been fired from more jobs than many people hold in a lifetime.  She never blinked in her encouragement.  I could go on and on.

You don't see this attitude of encouragement in church that often, at least, not among the guys.  That's too bad.  We are missing out on something that could make a real difference in people's lives.

I pray that I can be that encouragement to my wife and others.