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Lutheran Education Association Notebook

INDIANAPOLIS--Day two of the LEA conference for LCMS school teachers from around the country has just ended and here are some odds and ends:

  • Female Lutheran teachers must all shop at Christopher Banks.  There's a look and they walk around with the shopping bags.
  • Yesterday at a mass worship services, almost five thousand teachers sang "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know", one of my favorite songs period.  I have a story to go with that.  Maybe, I'll share it sometime.

Worship leader the Rev. Victor Belton is African American.  I didn't see any African American teachers.  None.  I wonder what that says about LCMS being multi-racial.  They aren't?  Is that important?  Should it be?

  • A Lutheran pastor from Bethlehem, the real one spoke.  His name is Rev. Mitri Raheb and he wrote a book, "Bethlehem Besieged."  I bought it.  It contains stories which the cover says provide hope  in that whole mess over there.  I am going to read that.
  • Song leader for the service was a dead ringer for Stephen King.