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Lutheran Schools: Can they survive?

Img_0031This is a shot of my improvised workstation at the Lutheran Education Association (LEA) National Convention in Indianapolis where I am blogging from.  I am here as part of my main ministry at my church--Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, MI.  as the chief support person for its third grade teacher who is also my wife. 

My history with Lutheran schools predates my wife.  I graduated from eight years of Lutheran schools.  For six years, I attended Mt. Olive Lutheran School in Bay City and for my last two, I went to Immanuel Lutheran also in Bay City.

With our changing culture, parental preferences for schools are changing.  Many don't see the distinctive part of a Christian grade school education and few schools do a good job of promoting what they have to offer.

So, I have been wondering. . .

if Lutheran shcools are going the path of Catholic schools and facing extinction someplace in the future.  In Detroit, the Catholic archbishop recently announced the closing of a whole raft of parochial schools.

I went with my wife to register for this conclave and toured the exhibit area of vendors and organizations.  I looked at these folks closely realizing the work they put into educating kids.  They are selfless servants in the Kingdom and have a tremendous responsibility.

But, the thing that impresses me the most is the intangible that they offer kids, their students.  It's their sharing in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through everyday classroom activities and through helping kids meet and come to know Jesus on their own.  I've seen it up close and personal, both as a student, a parent and the spouse of a teacher.

This afternoon, I'm going to their opening worship service and I'm looking forward to it.  Many of these folks don't get the at-a-boys that they deserve.  I pray that through the worship that the Holy Spirit opens up their hearts to see the smile on God's face for everything they do.  More later.