UPDATE #1--Senior citizen in-training
UPDATE #2--Senior citizen in-training

Starved For Affection by Dr. Randy Carlson, the reason

A few friends have asked me about why I've posted Dr. Randy Carlson's book: Starved For Affection, as my book to promote as part of being an Amazon Associate or affiliate.

Let me emphasize that I don't feel starved for affection.  No way!  I get plenty of it from my wife, my kids and an affectionate Beagle named Snoopy.

Lots of people feel disconnected from their spouse.  The affection sparks are just not visible.  What's happening and how can it be remedied?  Dr. Carlson has a great way of pulling these issues apart and then putting them back together to help the reader understand in a way that can apply to their life.  It's worth checking out.

And, yes, if you buy it by clicking on the book logo on my blog, I will get a small commission.