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Trackback demo for Fighting Forward

Our Savior Lutheran Church is a church on the cutting-edge of using a new technology to communicate with its members and to reachout to those looking for answers. 

Blogs are an important piece of this.  They can be incredibly interactive and can weave a disparate group of people together in some pretty serious discussions.

Trackbacks go from one blog to another and are a great way to let somebody know that you've read their blog post.  It goes from your blog to their blog and back again with its various and easy to use links.

By the way, thanks for the sermon today about Doubting Thomas.  I appreciate your explaining how I have a license from the Bible to doubt from time to time.  But, you also provided the encouragement to seriously go for the answer. 

I'm anxious to hear reactions from others.  Comments and trackbacks are a good way to do it.