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Starved For Affection by Dr. Randy Carlson, the reason

UPDATE #1--Senior citizen in-training

Friends and acquaintances have asked me about my retirment as a staffer from the Michigan House of Representatives.  It's been four months and I've decided to post my observations in a series of posts:

  • IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC--I'm listening to the words of songs more.  For example, my son, Justin introduced me to a Christian singer--Derek Webb.  I really appreciate this guy's music and his heart.  In his blog, Justin wrote about Webb's song--Medication which can be downloaded on iTunes.  That really says it.  I have been listening to all types of music, including the Dave Matthews Band, Eric Clapton and others.
  • IMPORTANCE OF FOCUS--I am finding that I need to have what I want to do in an upcoming day more in focus.  As a legislative staffer and before that as a reporter, I relied on the random happenings of a day.  A paper day planner doesn't work as well for me now, as does my Dell Axim which is synched to the Microsoft Outlook on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop.
  • IMPORTANCE OF FOCUS AGAIN--A verse from the Bible that keeps popping into my head and my heart is John 3:16. At first, I thought I was just being nostalgic because I remember reciting it at a Christmas program as a child at Mount Olive Lutheran School in Bay City, MI  But, I know that it's a potent reminder of my purpose in life and why I was created.