Starved For Affection by Dr. Randy Carlson, the reason
UPDATE #3--Senior citizen in-training

UPDATE #2--Senior citizen in-training

Another item about getting older and that's older not old:

  • GET READY--Arthritis is something that my mom had when she was old(er).  I never really appreciated what that meant.  I DO NOW.  I feel it in my right ankle and my left knee.  Two remedies, so far:  Extra Strength Cold & Hot from Meijers and magnets from Nikken.  The magnets help, but I'm not sure if it's a placebo effect.
  • However, my son, Justin, and I want to audition for the reality show, the Amazing Race.  If a producer for the show is reading this, I will be ready and so will he.  We would make great television.  We'd have fun and we would be contenders.