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Just down the street and around the corner from me in the southwest side of the city of Lansing, MI is the home of Lansing Mayor Tony Benavedes.  My nine-year-old beagle, Snoopy, and I walk past his house pretty  often and we drive by his comfortable bungalow a couple of time a day.

We noticed something today, a quiet, sunny Memorial Day Weekend. On our way to Holmes Rd. we drove by his home in the morning and in the late afternoon.  He was not flying an American flag.  That really surprises me.  Actually, I'm disappointed.

Our country is at war and we have soldiers from Michigan who are in harms way.  If there ever was a time to fly the flag, it's this weekend.

You'd think he would be leading by example.  Regardless of your politics one should still fly the Stars and Stripes.

Don't think I'm suggesting that he's being unpartiotic.  Not at all.  Just mindless, insensitive.  It shows a lack of leadership and class.

I could be sarcastic and suggest that maybe he can't afford it on his six figure mayor's salary.

I wonder what the veteran groups think about the mayor not flying the flag.  There's probably some guys from Lansing patrolling Baghdad today and I wonder what they would think.