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Lansing, Michigan's next mayor will play a key role in deciding what kind of future the city and the region will have.  Historically, the area has been dependent on the auto industry.  A couple of miles northeast of us is where the popular Cadilac CTS is built.  It's right next to the former Oldsmobile headquarters.  Our area is peppered with GM plants and their suppliers.

But, the auto industry is struggling to stay afloat in an economy that's going to some major transitions. 

The question is my mind is how Lansing can be kept from becoming another Flint, MI where GM used to reign supreme and now has less than a token presence.  It's almost a ghost town, compared to its past.

Look at today's Detroit News and a story about Michigan's response to small business which accounts for three-quarters of new jobs.  They are treated pretty shabby, especially in being taxed.

Candidates for Lansing mayor need to have a vision for dealing with this, at least, to get my vote.