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Audition for Amazing Race, I'm ready to go

Our family has always had a favorite television show that drew our viewership.  On Saturday night, when the kids were little, they'd take their baths, get into their pajamas and watch Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman or Paradise.  The shows changed as they grew and shows changed.

Most recently, my son, Justin and I got into watching the reality show, the Amazing Race.  Have you seen it?

He suggested that we audition to be racers.  We both love a challenge, travelling and doing stuff together.  It would be a gas.  I know the odds are against us being picked, but we do fit a demographic that hasn't been billboarded on the show, a baby-boomer dad and son combo.

The challenge is for an almost 59 year-old guy to get in better shape.  I'll be ready.  It would be a thrill of a lifetime.  Stay tuned.