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Prepping for tonight's speech by President Bush

I'll be listening to President Bush tonight about Iraq

I will be watching President Bush tonight and listening carefully for his explanation of why we should be optimistic about the progress being made in Iraq.  I want to believe that we are making a difference for the people of the Middle East and that we are helping make the world a safer place.

I'm concerned about Iraq becoming this generation's Vietnam.  I'm old enough to remember how that conflict in southeast Asia divided this country and how it affected my life as a young college student.  I wanted to believe then too.  Then, I read the Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam, highly-regarded for his thorough reporting and for his lack of bias.

This country needs to deal with terrorism and I'm not sure how that should be done.  Maybe, the President is doing the right thing.  But, he needs to do some convincing and some effective handholding.

I will live blog during his address to the nation tonight.