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Lansing (MI) State Journal should be voted on too

This year's race for mayor in Lansing (MI) could be one of the most important in the capitol city's history.  The city is at a vital crossroads and which way it turns will greatly affect its future.  It needs a mayor who can lead it through the thicket of choices and also, present and implement a vision for the future.

That brings me to the Lansing State Journal on my doorstep this morning.  On page one of the Local & State section is the banner story about the city's first forum for mayoral candidates who will be narrowed from four to two on August 2.

As a reader who spends good money for the paper and who relies on it for news about the community, there is an expectation that I will be provided at least basic information about issues affecting the region.
After reading today's story, I would raise the question, are the candidates as shallow as they seem or is the Lansing State Journal just doing a poor job of covering them.  It's really hard to tell.
We find out that the candidates are for more and better jobs, good schools and that's pretty much it.  There aren't many direct quotes.  The information doesn't go beyond that. do I make a decision?
Should I wait for the Lansing State Journal's editorial page to tell me who to vote for?
When we change mayors, if we change mayors, we need to change newspapers. It's time for Gannett Newspapers which owns the paper to recheck what it's giving its customers.  I can't blame the local employees.  I feel they are competent.  It's the parent company that sets the tone and gives the orders.
Maybe, Lansing needs bloggers to start picking up the slack.