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Live blogging Bush--#2

Live blogging President Bush on Iraq

We just started watching the broadcast of President Bush's speech on Fox.  He was just introduced to the troops at Fort Bragg.

Intro of his speech:

--He says his greatest responsibility is to protect the American people.  Okay, how's he doing that with Iraq.  He says we are fighting global war on terror.  Terrorists want to remake Mideast in their own image.  They continue to kill in Madrid, bunch of other places.

--He says we are defending our freedom from murderous ideology.

--They have to be defeated abroad before they attack us at home.

--We either deal with it abroad or wait til it comes to us.

--Is the sacrifice worth it, American people ask.

His other points:

--Iraq, a central front in war on terror?  Terrorists know the outcome will leave them emboldened for defeated.

--Terrorists failed to stop transfer of sovereignty, the elections . . .

--Terrorists cannot stop the advance of freedom.

--In past year, we have made significant progress.

--Rebuilding Iraq: progress is being made; improved roads, sanitation, schools, etc.

--UN is helping Iraqis write new constitution.

--Donor countries meeting next month in Jordan to talk about Iraq help.

--U.S. training Iraqi security forces.

--Progress has been significant.

--We have a strategy of a military and political track.

--As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.

--We have a lot more work to do.

--He names allies who are helping train Iraqis to defend themselves.

--Three new steps:  coalition units partnered with Iraqi units; embedding coaltion teams with Iraqis that are providing battlefield advice and assisting in getting important skills; working with Iraqi ministries to develop command and control structures.

--We are training them so they can do the fighting.

--Deadline for withdrawal: serious mistake; send wrong message to Iraqis; send wrong signal to our troops; send wrong message to enemy.

--We will stay in Iraq as long as we are needed. 

--Many Sunnis are now taking part in the democratic process. 

--Their movement towards free society is affecting other Middle East nations; election in Palestinian territories in Lebanon; our strategy to spread freedom is working.

--We will not allow our future to be determined by car bombers and assasins.

--We know what's at stake.

--If evil is not confronted, it will return to strike us again.

--The ideal of liberty is worth defending.

--On July 4, fly the flag;