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Looking at Mayor Tony Benavides' priorities

I'm really trying to make an informed decision about who to vote for in the August primary for mayor in Lansing. 

It's a three-way race between the incumbent, Mayor Tony Benavides, State Senator Virg Bernero and former State Rep. Lynne Martinez. 

The Mayor is a neighbor and I've never met him.  I've walked by his home with my Beagle, Snoopy, when he has been outside, and he's never bothered to say more than a weak hello.

Then I look at his priorities on his website. Wow!  Some PR writer worked overtime with the flacks books of platitudes.  Shouldn't I have more info on which to make a decision?  I'm not impressed and I want to be.  I want to listen to his vision for Lansing, the State Capital, of Michigan and a city that's on the verge of some really hard times if we don't get the right leader.

Is the Mayor the right leader to take us there?