The day I met my father-Sep. 26, 1975
The day I met my dad-#3

Meeting my father--a few minutes of memory #2

From my notes of Sep. 27, 75, made on a United Airlines flight from Miami:

"Just some thoughts as I fly from Miami to Cleveland.

"I can't believe that the moment which I looked forward to all my life has come and gone.

"I met my father."

"For as long as I can remember, I've thought about what such a meeting between him me and would be like.  Now I know.

"My father has always been a big mystery in my life, leaving when I was still a baby and never coming back.

"He disappeared one day in the late 40s and never came back; he never called, wrote or made any effort to get in touch with me or my mother.

"Since then, I've always found it difficult if not impossible to believe that he left on his own free will. 

"I could not imagine a man leaving and not making any attempt to get in touch with his family, even if he hated his wife and didn't want to be tied down by a wife.  I felt that at least he would make an attempt to get in touch with us, if he was alive.

"Now I know that I was wrong.  He's alive and well and apparently has full leave of his senses."