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Some father facts from U.S. Census Bureau

My twenty-fourth Father's Day

It's the morning of my twenty-fourth Father's Day and I'm sitting in my study turned office looking out my backyard in a pretty nice neighborhood of Lansing, MI.  Some random thoughts:

  • My family has made me feel special everyday, but they rachet up the effort every Father's Day and I love it. 
  • Being a father is the best job I've ever had or could ever have.  From hearing that first heart beat, to the birth and being part of their growth has been fantastic. 
  • Sharing the experience with my wife who loves unconditionally has been right at the top of my personal chart.
  • I'm blessed by God beyond what I deserve.  I am very thankful to him.
  • The desire to know my own father is getting less and less, but it's still there.  I guess that's a big reminder to dads wondering if they're really important to their kids.
  • For those struggling with an errant dad, read the words to He Knows My Name.  I first heard it at a Promise Keepers in Detroit.