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Rob Odle from Nixon White House and old college acquaintence

After my power walk without my favorite dog, I just noticed a story in the online version of the Port Huron Times Herald about Rob Odle from the Nixon White House and from his infamous reelection committee.  The story about his reaction to the identification of Deep Throat.  Odle was the first to testify before the Senate Watergate Committee.

From my days in the sixties as a member and leader of the Young Republicans and of Young Americans for Freedom at Delta College, just outside Bay City, MI, I remember Rob was state college Republican and YAF functions.  I remember many college parties that he was at.

Many baby-boomers relish in the anti-war activism of that era and ignore the young, right-wing conservatives of that era who were motivated by ideology just as much as the left-wing.  There were student groups for victory in Vietnam and they were active and they got some local media attention.  I know because I was the head of one of them.