Maxine Klan of Lansing (MI) Christian School and her blog
Newspaper editorial pages facing extinction, possible competition for Lansing State Journal

Is it time to take the news media to the next level in the Lansing, MI area?

What am I talking about?

First, do we need competition for the Lansing (MI) State Journal and its haphazard coverage of what really matters to people in mid-Michigan?  What other news outlet is there?  Does television provide competition?

And, then does the web provide an opportunity for Michigan's Capital City to jump into using new media to become part of the news media?  I point to . .  . . .

. . .in McLean & Reston VA.  It's a web-based news blog run by some professional managers who rely on local people to cover local events. 

Could it work here?  We are flush with journalism students and graduates from MSU's School of Journalism and with many reporter wanna-be's.