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It's getting harder and harder to take liberal politicians and the liberal news media seriously these days.  Both are taking self-righteousness and deception to new levels these days.  An example: the controversy involving the Ambassador and his CIA wife.

Check out the facts from Ann Coulter's latest column about what really happened and what Karl Rove, President Bush's top political guy, did and did not do and whether any laws were broken.  Rove deserves a big thanks from this country for keeping the establishment, at least, somewhat accountable.

To put the knock on President Bush, one of the most principled men in modern American political history, the Ambassador's wife, the CIA employee sends him to Niger to fabricate an investigation and then tout it as fact around the world.

I'm not a legal type, but, it sure seems like Mister and Missus Ambassador/CIA employee engaged in a conspiracy.  There needs to be a congressional invesitgation of their actions and a special prosecutor needs to be named to evaluate possible criminal actions.

I'm appalled the lengths that liberals will go to discredit a president who has convictions and who has courage.  I'm proud of his leadership.