Trying for find info for Lansing, MI City Council elections
Lansing State Journal editorial page shows its disconnect from community

Mayor Tony Benavides, you say you like Lansing, but your website . . .

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Mayor Tony Benavides, mayor of Lansing, MI, our state's Capital City, says he's a Lansing guy.  He brags about his integrity and how he supports his city.  His heart is in Lansing, he says.  That's where he does his business.  And, he says, the voter in Lansing can take that to the bank.  Hmmm...then why is the developer for his Okemos, one of the richest suburban areas in the state? 

The primary for mayor in our town is on Tuesday.  I tried to understand Mayor Tony.  I tried to keep and open mind.  But, I have to support Sen. Virg Bernero. 

Tony acts like a good old boy too much.  And our city keeps going backward.  It's time for a change.