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East Lansing Promise Keepers Follow-up #2

PK East Lansing follow-up #1-Listening to God

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Going through my notes from this past weekend's Promise Keepers event in East Lansing, I was reminded of some great insight and advice from speaker Buddy Owens, formerly of Maranatha Music and now with Saddleback Church in California,

A couple of years ago in Grand Rapids at PK, he talked about reading the Bible for meaning, for personal meaning and as a way to hear the voice of God in a personal way.  He developed his remarks from his book, The Way of a Worshipper.

This year he talked about how to listen to God.  This has always been a tough topic for me to wrap my hands around.  I have plenty of friends who say God told me this and he told me that.  I can't say the same, I thought.

He provided three tips for listening for God's voice and direction from his own personal life and experience.  The first is called First Minutes:

  1. He describes it as a habit he has of talking to God during the first minute of various activities throughout the day, after he gets out of bed, in the shower, in the car, in the office.
  2. He offers brief prayers of thanksgiving and asks for God's blessing.  He invites God to fill him with His Spirt and asks God to lead him and use him for His purposes.
  3. These prayers keep him in a posture of surrender to God throughout the day.

I like the suggestion.  I've done this to a point, but this verbalizes it and formalizes what should be a practice in my daily life.