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Trying for find info for Lansing, MI City Council elections

I admit that in the past I've made little effort to get to know city council candidates and make make an informed decision about their suitability to sit on Lansing's City Council.  And, I'm not quite sure why that's the case because I know the important role they play in leading a city.

But, now that my life is transitioning through a different passage, I can see that I need to understand our city government in a clearer and more specific way.  In the past, I've complained about how the Lansing State Journal doesn't cover the city council.  That concern still stands.  It's two days before the primary election and the Sunday paper is blowing the election off like it's not important.  However, if Michigan State University signs a hot new player or if they don't, Gannett's representative in the area is all over it.

But, I've found a partial source of information about the candidates, City Pulse, a newspaper for the rest of us. It reminds me of the underground newspapers from the sixties.  It comes out weekly and it treats the area with some respect and with some coverage.  They have two-plus tabloid pages on candidates for two at-large council positions.

I've read it pretty carefully and I'm not really excited about any of them.  It seems to boil down to three choices, the establishment, the establishment wannabes and the fringe.

I don't see anybody that has made an attempt to listen to Lansing residents. 

Lansing seems to be literally at a crossroads.  It's future is being decided.  The city can identify and deal with challenges or it can politic its way through issues and become another Flint, MI.  I remember from my youth when the Buick City used to be a manufacturing jewel and a pretty decent place to live.  But, it's neither now.  It's a city filled with dramatic need and anybody living outside of it doesn't really care.

I have made a choice for city council and I have made by pick for mayor, but . . .