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Coming out of the closet, really need to do it

A friend of mine that I spent a lot of time in prison with sent me an e-mail this morning.  After I got to know him, I learned that he and a chum held up a convenience story and, in the process, put a number of rounds in the clerk, who subsequently lived.

I first saw his work when he and another guy engaged in some recreational fireworks inside their high school.  Their homemade concoction made a big bang and got them in big trouble.

Fast forward about thirty years and that brings us to today's e-mail.  He asked me what I read in my quient time.  For those not familiar with the term, it's where you sit down with the Bible and read a small portion and let God speak to you.

It's easy to let that become just another activity and not something that you let become a relationship building activity with the Triune God.  And it's a relationship that I really want.  As I approach my 59th birthday within a week, I can see that my relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for everything else in my life.

It sets my agenda, my values and my purpose.  Then, why have I been neglecting it.  Satan who we all know is there has been trying to steal and ruin my heart.  I know it and I've let it happen more often than I like to admit.

I'm coming out of the closet as a Christ-follower.  I'm out.  The problem has always been and always will be that I still try to keep the door open, so I can go back in.  It's time to weld that door shut, so there's no going back.

That's why I prayed from Psalm 51 this morning that God would create a new heart in me. 

My identity comes from that and nothing else.  Satan will try to tell me something else, but I need to keep hitting him with the Word as the late E.V. Hill used to say.

I appreciate my friend's e-mail and his checking up on me about my quiet time.  I hope he does it again and soon.  I encourage others to try it out.

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