Hurricane Katrina: did God send her as an act of judgment?
I should have read Ben Stein's new book

Flint-Beecher tornado in 1953, I remember it

When I was six-years-old and living with my mom on the west side of Bay City, I remember the night to the big tornado in Flint, MI in 1953 where more than 100 people were killed.  It was my first memory of catastrophic weather.  I remember the sky that night and how ominous it looked.  It made an indelible impression on me. 

We lived in a very-old wood frame house on the banks of the Saginaw River on the westside of Bay City, MI.  The movie Twister made by blood pressure rise.  It brought back the intensity of that childhood moment. 

I can really feel for the people in the path of Katrina, especially the kids.