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Meeting with God this morning

This morning I met with God.  It happened on my Lazy Boy couch where the seats on each end recline. 

It was my daily quiet time where I try to "be still" , read the Word of God, listen and pray.  As a guide for this, I usually use Our Daily Bread, the devotional booklet from Radio Bible Class in Grand Rapids, MI.  While thumbing through the August edition, I found the devotion for Aug. 8.

Based on Psalm 92, it started about an elderly man experiencing the first stages of dementia.  He confesses that he often forgets about God.  A friend reassured him that even if he forgot, God would not forget him.  The verse was Psalm 92:13-14. 

But, the verse I meditated on was Psalm 92:1-2 about how it is good to give thanks to God and to sing praises to him and to remember his loving kindness and his faithfulness.  I've been thinking about it all morning, during my shower, when I walked our dog Snoopy, while working on various blogs and as I get ready to prepare a quick lunch.