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Working in the auto plants was always an option

My kids will never no the go-to-college and getting-a-job mindset that was prevalent when I was growing up in Bay City, MI in the sixties.  When I was going to T.L. Handy High School on the westside of the Saginaw River, I knew that if I didn't make it in college that I could always go to the area auto plants and get a good job.

There was never any question that option was a golden parachute for anybody growing up during that time.

I was reminded of that in today's Port Huron Times Herald.  There's a good feature story about the high number of people in the St. Clair County area who work in the auto industry in some way, shape or form.  Many of them have been there since leaving high shcool.

You can see that changing dramatically.  The auto industry is no longer the job fallback it once was.  The primo-paying UAW jobs are few and far between.  Auto plants and shops are closing down and not being replaced.

It's a dramtic change from the way it was.  A similar era of easily getting a job will probably never come back.