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I have to admit that I watched CBS's new show Ghost Whisperer about a character played by Jennifer Love Hewitt who talks to the dead. 

My pastor says this show and other new ones this season are in direct conflict with Christianity and are dangerous to watch.  There's a whole world out there ruled by spirits who are part of Satan's empire and all the fallen angels.

It was entertaining and I felt sympathy for one of the cases she dealt with, the son of a fallen Vietnam vet who wanted to talk to the father who he has no memory of ever seeing.  There was a big hole in this guy's heart and he thought that a message from the otherside would help fill it.

That started me thinking about what I'd do if I could talk to my dead father who I have two minutes worth of memories with.  It would be tempting and it would be wrong. 

Look at the show's website and the blog of a real life medium.