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Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick further separates his city from the state

Today's Detroit Free Press has a story about the maelstrom that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick raised with his comments that surrounding suburbs have more problems with drugs than his city.

He made his remarks during the heat of his frustrated campaign for reelection.  He commented about how Oakland County's Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills youth had more problems with serious drug usage than his city.  Ouch.  Let's further drive a stake in the relationship between a once proud city and the rest of the state.

What happened to leaders who brought different groups together and found solutions to their mutual problems?  The preferred tactic to get-ahead in politics these days is to take a machete to your opponents.  The more that you can dishonor them, the better seems to be the attitude.

Meanwhile, the attitudes between groups become more and more divided.  The inclination for out-staters to work with Detroit becomes less and less and the Detroiters become more and more distrustful of out-state.  The result is that Detroit becomes isolated.  It might as well become another country.

In Lansing, Michigan's State Capital city, there seems to be a similar mindset about working together with outlying suburbs and vice-versa.

If we are going to succeed and prosper then that attitude has to change.

What about tax base sharing in a metropolitan area?  They do it in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?  It's time.