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Focus on the Family shines light on AARP agenda

I remember when AARP publications would come in my mom's mailbox back in Bay City, MI.  At the time, they looked casually interesting for the needs of that age group.  But, I wasn't in that age group.  Now I am. 

I belonged to AARP for a few years, but I didn't renew this year.  I saw the magazine becoming more and more a vehicle for a worldview that I didn't subscribe to.  And, then in the monthly bulletin from the organization, I saw such one-sided reporting about President Bush and his proposals for Social Security reform.  They treated anybody over-50 like brainless lapdogs.  And, that just didn't appeal to me.

Now, Focus on the Family has done some in-depth research about AARP and its CEO and I'm convinced I made the right decision in not renewing.  The national organization seems to have a clear agenda that is anti-life and very leftist is both politics and social reforms.  Check it out in this research report.  Any comments?