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John Kerry would have handled Katrina

Okay, how would have John Kerry handled a response to Hurricane Katrina?

All the liberal bloggers who are bored on a nice September weekend are demanding that President Bush be impeached and run out of Washington and back to his Texas ranch on a rail.  The catalyst for this latest blathering is a catastrophe of epic proportion.

The Bush-haters are blaming this great president for everything from the actual storm to the federal government's response. 

What would Kerry have done differently? 

Now, all you ACLU types, tell me about whether the feds can just swoop into any local situation without going the invitation of the local and state governments.  Where was the ball fumbled?  Was it the local government of New Orleans or the Louisiana governor who looked like she had all the backbone of a jelly fish on the gulf?

What about all the emergency preparedness types in Louisiana who were convicted of ripping off money from their own program?

Impeach Bush?  Give me a break.  Go back to smoking your joints and swilling your designer beers and let Congress conduct oversight hearings to unravel what happened and what didn't happen.

I'm sick of the knee-jerk reaction against President Bush, a great man of courage and conviction.

They will go to any lengths to make government bigger and to get it so entangled in your lives that your freedom is just about gone.

Don't dishonor the dead and all the great people trying to make a difference in the Gulf with this constant carping against those trying to save lives.