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Response to Hurricane Katrina recovery

Here are two positive items about the response and recovery to Hurricane Katrina's destruction:

Read first-person, heart-rending Katrina accounts

The New Orleans Time-Picayune has a blog that's filled with the first-person life and death urgency and devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  I'm reading this just before I go to church and I'm humbled.  Only God has the power to fix this for all the people who have been hurt.

Hard to think about my 59th birthday

Img_0012I really enjoyed my birthday celebration yesterday.  It was my 59th which makes me a member of the first class of baby boomers who were born in 1946.

However, it was tough to move my heart and my attention away from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  It's hard to hear about and watch people who are trapped in a storm-induced prison.  They don't have any of the necessities to sustain life.

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