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Windows Vista makes me glad I got Apple I-Book

This summer I made the trek to the new Grand Rapids, MI Apple store and bought a 14-inch Apple I-Book.  I also have an aging Inspiron 8200 by Dell.  I was ready for a change.

This morning I read in the Confessions of An Undercover Geek about how Microsoft in all its great wisdom is contemplating the release of seven different versions of its anticipated Windows Vista operating system.  Hmm...

That's going to make going to Sam's Club computer section real fun.  Trying to pick the right one could be a real nightmare.

I think I'll stick with what I got.  I really like Apple.  I'm almost sixty and I might even get a new I-Pod Nano. 

By the way, the Undercover Geek is my son.  We made the June trip to the Apple store together.  He has a Powerbook.  My wife, a third-grade teacher, has an I-Book and so does my daughter, a neo-natal intensive care nurse.  So, I guess we say to Microsoft bring on all the different versions.  It won't affect us.