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How can Michigan be saved?

The headline on today's online version of the Detroit News really stands out.  It asks whether Michigan can be saved with a new tax plan being proposed by the Michigan Senate Republicans.

Michigan needs saving.  Its economy is going through a major shift and the question is how the state can weather it without becoming an economic wasteland. 

How can Michigan give birth to new jobs that will support the population that lives here and make it inviting for new people to move in?

In our city where voters will select a mayor, the candidates recognize the importance of bringing jobs in, but I haven't seen evidence of how they're going to do it.  The incumbent seems to feel he is already doing this and the challenger seems to say that his youth and energy will be the answer. 

  • Can Michigan make the transition from the manufacturing of automobiles to jobs that will provide compensation where families can be supported?
  • Does anybody feel that we are moving in that direction?