Hobby Lobby is on agenda for tomorrow after church
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Our trip to Hobby Lobby in Lansing, MI

There's a new Hobby Lobby in Lansing, MI and the Daily Grit wife wanted to check it out.  I went to their website and got a pretty significant online coupon, we went to church, had lunch, perused the full-page ad in the Lansing State Journal and then rode to the new store.

Here's what we bought:  naught, nothing, zero, zilch.

Why?  It was closed.  There was a sign in the window saying that this huge supermarket-sized craft store was closed on Sunday to allow employees to worship with their families.  Huh?  Now this was right next door to the Gift and Bible Store which was open, of course.

It was something to see the number of customers who went up to the front door of the new store to find it closed.  What a witness of the faith!  After being thwarted in their craft purchasing, they went to Gift and Bible.